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Trails Magazine Annual Subscription

Trails Magazine Annual Subscription

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A subscription will begin with Issue 6, shipping in May 2024. If you want to also receive the most recent issue (Issue 5), bundle them together for discounted shipping.

Subscribe to a year of Trails Magazine and get the next four issues delivered to you quarterly, hot off the presses.

You won't find these stories on our website or on grocery store newsstands. We want to bring you the things you didn’t realize you needed to know. That’s why Trails will only be available in print. No paywalls, no logins, just your mailbox. And a subscription is the only way to get guarantee you get any of it.

Subscribers get free shipping*, get their copies before back issues are even available, and receive a discount compared to ordering individual back issues. In addition to four guaranteed good mail days per year, subscribers get an exclusive subscriber-only sticker with each issue, and get 15% off all our Trails Mag Gear (like hats, t-shirts, posters, and more).

*Only subscribers in the US and Canada qualify for free shipping.

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Too many magazines that you find at the grocery store are owned by massive outdoor media monopolies more concerned with selling NFTs than sharing good adventure stories. Trails Mag is completely independent, written for—and by—those of us actually sleeping in the dirt.

Coffee Table Quality

Trails Mag isn't mass-produced. It's printed on high-quality paper, it's thick with content, and it puts an emphasis on high-quality design and beautiful large-format photography. This isn't a magazine you throw out when the next one arrives.

Real Adventure Stories

This is what we've all been missing from legacy publications. True, exciting, inspiring stories from adventurers in destinations you're going to want to add to your bucket list, mixed in with gear reviews, destination highlights, and explainers you can actually use.

Fewer Ads

Legacy magazines stayed afloat (or didn't) by keeping issues ridiculously cheap and jamming ads into every nook and cranny. No more of that. We're strictly limiting ads and carefully choosing advertisers that we believe in and can impact your adventures.

Print First

We want to bring you the things you didn't realize you needed to know. The beauty—and fun—of print is the ability to browse and discover, something a web search will always have a hard time replicating. That's why Trails will only be available in print. No paywalls, no logins, just your mailbox.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I haven't actually gotten one yet.

Hey Denise! A subscription begins with the issue following following when you actually subscribed and our issues publish in February, May, August, and November. If you're interested in getting a copy right away, check out our Back Issues, which ship immediately! Thanks for reading!

Thank you for keeping print alive!

I have always been a magazine reader but I skip past the ads and reviews and lists. I like the longer articles that I can get deep into without having to commit to a full book. This is one of my favorite magazines I have ever subscribed to over the years. "Sleeping in the dirt" is what I live for in the summer months and I love that the magazine is centered around longer treks that require some nights spent outside. I like the honest reviews and the varied viewpoints. I could do some even longer more detailed profiles of interesting people and cool trips. Thanks for being something I look forward to and obsessively check the mail box for!!

Abby D

I love receiving my TRAILS Magazine! Coming from someone who considers themselves an amateur outdoor adventurer, this magazine is everything I need. I don't have the confidence just yet but through the story telling, imagery, and quality content that I can explore for weeks at a time, it gives me hope that one day I will be able to step out and "sleep in dirt!"

Gabe Messercola
Adventure Content Without The BS!

The quarterly publishing schedule for this magazine is perfect, as the pages are rich with quality content. I usually take my time to read through the magazine, over the course of a few weeks or so, because the diversity of material allows for lots of reflection and dreaming. On my coffee table, the magazine always draws the attention of guests and is continuously being flipped through. It's hard to not notice this thing!


TRAILS offers the tactical pleasure that no online magazine can compare to. Cover to cover the scenery and engaging articles whisk me away right from my couch. When life gets in the way of outdoor adventures TRAILS comes to the rescue. Thoroughly enjoyable.