Trail Obscura

Beginning with Issue Two, we're looking to answer your backpacking questions…but not the basic stuff like “how do I pitch a tent” or “how do I use a map and compass.” We want the questions that are personal, hard to Google, or have bothered you to leave unanswered. It’s time to get them off your chest. Miranda Webster—the YouTuber and backpacker behind Miranda Goes Outside—will answer your anonymous questions in print and explore the backpacking's thorniest issues while she does it.

Miranda Webster

In particular for Issue Two, we want to answer your questions about the things that have kept you, your hiking buddies, or anyone else from spending a night in the dirt. Whether it's because you're scared of something, are suffering from imposter syndrome, don't have a particular piece of gear, or whatever else—ask Miranda the question whose answer could finally encourage you to lace up your boots and pack a backpack.

Use the form below to submit your questions anonymously. We'll answer what we can in Issue Two.