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Trails Magazine Issue 6

Trails Magazine Issue 6

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Issue 6 of Trails Magazine features 100 pages of high-quality journalism, photography, and artwork, all celebrating the summer backpacking season. You'll find stories of bikepacking trip across Jordan, trespassing laws in the United States and UK, an online backcountry expert, and a whole lot more. 

As always, this issue features delicious backpacking recipes, trip reports from amazing adventures, beautifully illustrated trail maps, tons of big photos, and the best backpacking stories you can find anywhere, and it's all printed on hefty 80-pound paper with fewer ads than any other magazine. Stories in this latest issue include:

  • A profile of the fun-loving caretakers at a series of New Hampshire alpine huts, 
  • The photos from a unique Texas river that's at risk of being washed away, 
  • One writer's report from a bikepacking trip across Jordan and the cultural differences she experienced along the way, 
  • An illustrated comic about the loss of Glen Canyon, and how it's currently being reborn, 
  • Reporting on the history of trespassing laws in the United States and why hiking here is so much different from the rest of the world because of them, 
  • Photos from a unique retreat for environmental decision makers in the wilderness of far-north Alaska, 
  • A profile of the adventure expert who passes on his knowledge through a unique online forum,
  • Miranda Webster's "Trail Obscura" column about whether or not you can—or should—go skinny dipping at your next lakeside campsite, 
  • Recipes for one writers's favorite cultural foods, and why those kinds of meals are so important to him,
  • Backpacking trip recommendations from the Boundary Waters to the Buffalo River to the Fundy Footpath, 
  • A profile of an expert of the crosscut saw and a look at why that tool is so important to hikers,
  • Outhouse Reviews, backpacking destinations, gear reviews, photo features, maps, and a whole lot more.

You won't find any of these stories online. The only way to read them is to pick up a copy of Issue 6 while supplies last. 

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A note for international readers: Back issues are shipped from our headquarters in Washington, so international shipping costs apply if we send them out of the US. Readers in Canada should consider a subscription which includes free shipping—Those copies ship directly from the printer in Winnipeg and don't need to cross the border.

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